Women's Division NUCS 2018

The Women's Division of the NUCS will be run under the same rules as the open division are at this time. There will be open pointing and open flushing.  You must declare before the event starts open division with the men or women division.  Once you declare to run in the women's division there is no changing for that event.

The Women's division runs will be pulled out of the open division and sent into the office as a separate division.  For right now till our numbers grow 1 women will be a sanctioned event for the women.  Championship points will be awarded to the dog only if there are 7 dogs in the event in the women's division.

Women will run with the open division in the field events thru out the year and will come in to the finals as a separate division.  The event holders do not have to have separate fields for women, but can if warranted to facilitate running of the event.    Women will run the same format at the finals as the open.

We will look at this at the end of the year to see if we have enough interest in the Women's division to continue it for the 2019 year.  We will also look at an amateur division for the 2019 year if we have enough interest.

Dog's can run in the Women division and the open division at the same event, but cannot be handled by the same person.  The dog can still only be entered 2 times in one event.  Therefore if a woman runs it in the Women's division and a Man runs it in the open division that is considered two runs for that event. In other words the same dog can not enter two times in the Women's division and two times in the open division per event.

Championship points will only be given for one run at an event.  The dog will not be awarded championship points in both division in one events .  High-point points will be awarded for the open run events.  The Women's division can be a money run or a non money run, that will be left up to the event holder.  Fee's will be adjusted accordingly.