Hal Brown

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Welcome to the Founder's Forum:

A letter from Hal,

Hi Everyone

 Hope all are doing fine and looking forward to a great summer. I just got back from Esmont VA at Richard and Marlene Sipes, beautiful farm for a trial, probably one of the nice farms to hold a trial that I have been at, Thanks for a great time to Richard and Marlene and to Matt and Meagan Behe.

 On my way back from VA, I went by NKC office in Blaine TN and sit down with Kim and Del went over a few things on the SOP and The rules and very soon all clubs will be receiving a new packet and rules with all the updates. I have had a few ask why the site has not been updated more often, come to find out that not all clubs are getting results in as quick as we like, please try to have your results in to Kim 10 days after the event. Please try to have the reg. numbers for the dogs on the results sheets, Kim does a really good job on trying to keep your dogs runs but it is very difficult to be sure without the Numbers.

We are looking at sending a Reg. sheet with all dogs numbers that are active to all clubs if so that will be in packets also.  Please put the numbers on the report sheets.

Just a reminder to everyone to please email the sponsors and thank them for all they do, we would not be able to have the prizes and the banquet and handouts that we do without them. If you need an  email or address to do so please let me know.

 We have had three new clubs contacted us one in AZ one In AL and we have a hunt already on the schedule for IL please try to get to these new events when they are posted and help them become part of the Upland Classic. You meet some of the nicest people, and make lifelong friends at our trials.

Please if you have any questions or need anything for your events give me a call.

Hal Brown
Manager NUCS